Additional resources

If you’re looking for training on online safety you may wish to consider these courses, however there are other organisation that offer similar courses that you might wish to explore.  CEOP Thinkuknow  provides advice for parents and carers, children and young people, and those that work with them. NSPCC Online Safety has further advice and tools. Child Exploitation & Online Protection (CEOP) CEOP is there to support young people, parents and carers while surfing online, and offers help and advice on topics such as:

  • cyberbullying
  • hacking
  • harmful content

It also enables people to immediately report anything on-line which they find concerning, such as harmful or inappropriate content, or possible grooming behaviour. For more information, or to report concerns, simply click here.

Vodafone and The Diana Award have set up this digital skills programme to encourage older children to pass on their knowledge.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) is a group of more than 200 organisations drawn from across government, industry, law, academia and charity sectors that work in partnership to help keep children safe online and has produced a new framework ‘Education for a Connected World’

Supporting adoptive parents with issues around contact online with birth parents and acquaintances from the past can be complex. Similarly looked after and cared for children can be particularly vulnerable online for a number of reasons. Think u Know have developed some helpful resources for adoptive parents and foster carers.