CiCC regularly attends important meetings based around improving services for looked after children. Below are extracts from previous newsletters and meeting minutes that display CiCC’s goals and previous activities. They are in PDF format and can be viewed by downloading it via the link provided. There is also the Goals section available, which provides more up to date information on CiCC’s current goals.


‘CiCC has been working towards changing the mental health services offered to young people, as they find it very important that they’re available for those that require the help. There will be a few chances to get your opinions and voices heard in the coming months.’

Fast Feet Forward programme

‘Recent research from Kent has shown that a physical activity that involves ladder based feet exercises has shown that it helps with dealing with your “hot spots”, or “triggers”, whichever term you prefer. This means that there will be people training as coaches for this in order to implement it. Trauma can be difficult to deal with at the best of times and if you feel you suffer from trauma or you can’t deal with your triggers, you can contact your social worker (or PA), or any other support network you may have.’