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Single Agency Audits

All agencies in Portsmouth have a responsibility to check the quality of their child safeguarding and early help practice and processes to ensure children are protected from harm.

There are various methods for this including reviewing case files, assessments and/or plans, case reviews and interviews with clients.  The PSCB would like to know the results of these.  They will contribute to the PSCB’s understanding about how well children are safeguarded and can contribute to our Training Programme.  It will also help the PSCB avoid duplication of work, when planning the multi-agency audit programme.

Please complete one of these templates for each audit/review you carry out and email the audit report along with the completed template to pscb@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Section 11 Compact Audit

Working Together 2015 asserts that a key function of a Local Safeguarding Children Board is to assess whether LSCB partners are fulfilling their statutory obligations set out in Section 11 of the Children Act 2004, which places duties on a range of organisations and individuals to ensure their functions, and any services that they contract out to others, are discharged having regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. For education settings completion of this tool also responds to their duties under Section 157/175 of the Education Act 2002.

The chosen methodology in Portsmouth is a self-assessment audit every 2 years against 11 standards for effective early intervention and safeguarding practice. We have worked with our colleagues in Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight to agree a common tool, so that for agencies that work within 2 or more LSCB areas they will only have to complete the audit once for that year and their return will be shared with the other relevant Boards.

If the PSCB has sent you a letter requesting that you complete an audit under Section 11 you will have been given the link to Survey Monkey in order to complete and submit your response online.

Feedback over the past eight years from service managers using the Compact standards has been very positive.  We know of services that have used the Compact in whole staff events to really get to grips with safeguarding processes and practice in the organisation and services that have submitted their Compact audit as part of evidence during inspections. If you would like to use this tool for your own purposes here is a copy of the most recent version. Please contact the PSCB Business Team if you have any queries.

Learning and Improvement Framework

The PSCB and its committees’ engage in a wide range of activity to identify what is working well and what needs improving in local safeguarding arrangements and practice.  The Learning and Improvement Framework enables the Board to make the links between the identification of what needs improving and the mechanisms available to achieve these improvements.  The framework builds on and updates the earlier PSCB Evaluation Framework (agreed January 2011) and the draft PSCB Learning and Improvement Framework (developed from November 2012) and it incorporates the Working Together guidance (HM Government, 2015).