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Restorative Approach to Child Protection Conferences

As of 2nd May 2017 we are moving to a Restorative Approach to Children Protection Conferences. A restorative child protection conference aims to bring together the people in the family affected by the harm that has been identified, together with the professionals who might assist them in making things better. It is important that the family are at the centre of the meeting, taking a leading role in the discussion and the planning.

At the conference you will be expected to support the family to explore:

  • What has happened, and any harm that has been experienced or the risk of harm that is perceived
  • The impact this has had or is having on the child/ren
  • How the family feel about what has happened or is happening
  • How the family want to make things better and keep their child/ren safe

One of the practice changes is that there will be no reading time at the conference; you will be expected to have read the reports before attending. So it is really important that you submit your report to SQT Business Team two working days before the conference so that it can be circulated to all attendees at least one day beforehand.

The professionals identified by the family to support them making things better and make the child/ren safe will, together with the family, form the core group of people working on the child protection plan. This core group will meet every 6 weeks to talk about the plan – how it is working for the family and how well they are progressing with it and whether the child/ren are safer. The progress made by the family will be reported back to the review child protection conference, making attendance and contribution to core group meetings even more important.

There will be a transition period of moving across to this practice.  Here is the new agenda and a copy of the revised CP plan template. The template for your report to Initial Child Protection Conferences will continue to remain as is for the time being but there is a revised Social Worker’s report.  There is also a one minute guide explaining the principles of a Restorative Approach to a CP Conference and the presentation Denise Lingham, the Service Lead for Child Protection, gave at the briefing sessions on this topic. We highly recommend that you share these with colleagues who may be asked to contribute to a Child Protection Conference so they are aware of these changes. If you have any questions please email them to us at pscb@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.

When working with a family and/or child you should make them aware of how to make a comment, compliment or complaint to Children’s Social Care.  Follow the link here for more information.

If you are attending a child protection conference and have any queries please either email dsssqt@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or call the administration team directly on 02392 437651.