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See the 4LSCB website for child protection policies and procedures

Please note at the time of publication, the information contained within these documents is correct but if you notice any discrepancies please contact us at PSCB@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Contacting the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

Inter-agency contact form  (for help completing this form please see the one minute guide)

Assessment Forms and Tools

Early Assessment Framework

Restorative Practice

The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board and Portsmouth Children’s Trust are committed to promoting a restorative approach to working with children, young people and their families. Professionals in Portsmouth are challenged to implement a fundamental change to the relationship between themselves and families; from doing things to and for families to doing things with them.

Restorative techniques can be used to:

  • support families to help themselves through a mixture of high support and high challenge
  • involve children and families in plans and decisions needed to safeguard and promote the welfare of a child

Please see following documents for further information:

For people working in schools, please see – link to the PEP website

Children with Disabilities

The Recommendation Support Tool (RST) must be completed and submitted along with the Early Help Assessment for contacts made to the Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) when a professional feels a child meets the criteria for a S17 Children Act 1989 assessment due to having a disability. The RST is required to help guide and inform the statutory assessment process. Upon completion both the Recommendation Support Tool and the Early Help Assessment must be sent to the MASH along with a completed Inter-Agency Contact Form.

Recommendation Support Tool

Please note all completed SAF forms and SAF review forms should be emailed to pccraduty@portsmouthcc.gcsx.gov.uk


Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence

Parental Alcohol & Substance Use Assessment Tool

Children of Offenders

The National Information Centre on Children of Offenders (NICCO) website provides resources, information on services, policy developments, events, training opportunities and practice models to professionals who come into contact with the children and families of offenders in England and Wales, as well as academics and those responsible for strategic development and commissioning.

Missing, Exploited and Trafficked

Barnardo’s Portsmouth Young People’s Service (PYPS) is launching on 1st October with an integrated and skilled team that will deliver a variety of support to vulnerable children and young people across the city. The service will be focussing on Children and young people at risk of CSE,children and young people who go missing, advocacy support for children during child protection conferences and Looked After Children reviews and Independent Visitors for Looked After Children – referral form for Professionals and information for children and young people

Home Office Disrespect NoBody Campaign – Teaching Resources

The PSHE Association and the Home Office have launched new and improved teaching resources which support the government’s Disrespect NoBody campaign.  The resources (which are free to download here) have been developed in consultation with PSHE teachers.  You can also view and download other resources to support the campaign here

Children with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities

The Local Offer website is a collaboration between parents and carers of disabled children, young people and Portsmouth City Council to help you find what is available in the area for those with Special Education Needs or Disabilities (ages 0-25) and how to access a variety of services.


The Portsmouth Education Partnership (PEP) brings together Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), schools, academies, colleges, early years settings, Higher Education Institutions, the council, teaching schools, the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC), Portsmouth Dioceses and EBP South to improve attainment and opportunities for children and young people across the city.

The PEP is linked to the overarching Children’s Trust arrangements for Portsmouth which bring together all agencies whose work affects the lives of children, young people and families, including: social care, health, the Police, Jobcentre Plus, the voluntary sector, Solent Local Enterprise Partnership and others.

Analysis Tools

Child Deaths